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Frequently Asked Questions
Backing up your data
Backing up your data is simple. There are only a couple of files that you need to back up:
%APPDATA%\Metalogic\Finance Explorer\mlfe.ini
%APPDATA%\Metalogic\Finance Explorer\Db\mfe.mdb

%APPDATA% will resolve to a directory like:
C:\Users\your_Windows_user_name\AppData\Roaming\Metalogic\Finance Explorer\

Restoring is simply a matter of replacing the files from your backup back into their original folders.
The actual backup can be as simple as copying the above files to a USB flash drive or writable CD or using your regular backup software such as Windows Backup.
Backing up your data from legacy location
If you upgraded Finance Explorer from a version earlier than 8, your data will be in this legacy location instead:
C:\Program Files\Metalogic\Finance Explorer\mlfe.ini
C:\Program Files\Metalogic\Finance Explorer\Db\mfe.mdb
If you run Windows 64-bit, the files will be here instead:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Metalogic\Finance Explorer\mlfe.ini
C:\Program Files (x86)\Metalogic\Finance Explorer\Db\mfe.mdb
If you installed MLFE to a different location, replace "C:\Program Files\Metalogic\Finance Explorer\" with the actual folder on your computer.
Importing Excel data
MLFE does not support importing Excel files. If your bank only allows you to download your financial data in Excel format, you can use a macro to convert it to OFX. Please refer to this forum post. The macro was generously contributed by forum member Jenga.
Note: This macro is not supported by Metalogic. If you have questions, please reply to the above forum post.
Importing other formats
If your data is in a format that is not directly supported by MLFE, you can convert it to OFX using MT2OFX ( MT2OFX is another freeware (not associated with Metalogic) that allows you to convert other formats to OFX.