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by praewarn
25 Jul 2014, 18:41
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Topic: Runtime Error
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Runtime Error

I downloaded & installed new version 7.0.0 but when it completed and I opened the application I get a Runtime Error "this appliction has requested the Runtime to teminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information." I am running Windows 7 P...
by praewarn
27 Jul 2011, 00:15
Forum: Help
Topic: Error when splitting a transaction
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Error when splitting a transaction

When trying to split a transaction I am receiving the error

"Syntax Error (comma) in query expression 'Trans.Sequence = 8,309', (-2147217900)"

When I click the OK button on the error the Finance Explorer application quits out.
by praewarn
20 Aug 2010, 18:41
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: Budget vs Actual
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Budget vs Actual

Sometimes you might budget for something in one month but the expense may not happen until the next month. It would be nice to be able to view the Budget window (where you can see the budget vs actual) for more than one month so that you can see the above situation smoothed out. In addition to this ...
by praewarn
18 Aug 2010, 23:25
Forum: Feature requests
Topic: A couple of suggestions
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Re: A couple of suggestions

5. The ability to automatically assign a category based on the description or note on the transaction. For example, every month I have an identical payment of bank changes. Could I not assign the category "bank charges" to not only this transaction, but every transaction that looks like t...

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