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Bank account

Posted: 09 Dec 2010, 06:51
by joed1960
I just downloaded Finance Explorer. My checking and savings accounts have the same account number. I'm only able to put one account number in as I get a message saying "That account already exists" when I type in the other account. Will there be a fix for this issue?

Re: Bank account

Posted: 09 Dec 2010, 21:55
by Metalogic
Hi joed1960,
I'm a little puzzled by your question as it seems unusual that two distinct accounts would have the same number. You could type an extra letter on the account number to distinguish them. For example:
checking: 12345679
savings: 12345679s

That will cause you problems when importing data from your bank however as it loads based on the account #. I recommend you download the transactions for each of your accounts and look for the following text in the OFX file:

The value of ACCTID should tell you exactly the number your bank is using. That's what you should enter for your account number.

Actually, you don't even need to create the accounts. Simply download the files for your checking and saving account and import them both. Finance Explorer will create the account for you with the correct number.

Hope this helps.

Re: Bank account

Posted: 10 Dec 2010, 06:58
by joed1960
Thank-you. The imports did produce additional information at the end of the account numbers so I could load both accounts into Finance Explorer.

Re: Bank account

Posted: 10 Dec 2010, 09:06
by Metalogic

Glad it was resolved.