Split Transactions - More than 2?

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Split Transactions - More than 2?

Postby tlotman » 07 Jan 2013, 10:03

I tried to split a transaction and only saw 2 available. Shopping at the big box stores, one might buy items like food, kitchen stuff, garden items, auto items, laundry, etc. There is also usually sales tax. I would like to split each category with their totals. i.e. food $20, laundry $10, auto $5, sales tax $2.34. Am I missing another step?

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Re: Split Transactions - More than 2?

Postby Metalogic » 08 Jan 2013, 12:07

Hi tlotman,
While the split transaction feature will split a transaction in two, you can run it multiple times to achieve what you are trying to do.

For example in a three way split, you have a $100 transaction that you would like to split as $40, $35 and $25. You can proceed as follows:
Split 40/60
Then split the $60 transaction as 35/25.

Hope that helps.

All the best,
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