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Re features

Postby Reddwarf4ever » 14 Jun 2015, 02:36

I currently use a program called money matters by GSP.

It's very old, but does exactly what I need...

I use it to manage a Christmas club for 10-20 people.

Each person also has several sub accounts....I need to be able to transfer between these sub accounts manually and also by direct debit.

Have so far been unable to find any software which achieves this


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Re: Re features

Postby Metalogic » 14 Jun 2015, 20:00

Hi Reddwarf4ever,
Finance Explorer will allow you to maintain an unlimited number of accounts. As for transfers, you would have to create a debit transaction on one account and a credit transaction on another account. There is no direct transfer between accounts. However if these transactions are occurring at a bank then downloading the transactions from the bank and importing those would reflect all these transfers.

I hope this helps and good luck finding a software that fits your needs (whether it's Finance Exporer or not).
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