Mixed currencies!

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Mixed currencies!

Postby nicolleen » 16 Sep 2016, 04:51


I have an account in another country where I worked for a few years, in another currency, pounds. There is a debit and a credit card account. I don't use it very often, only when I visit, and I don't have a budget scheme or anything. It's just for holidays.
Now I've noticed for the first time, that the current account is named in Euros but the amounts are actually pounds, and the credit card account with the same bank same Name etc. is in actual Euros, by the looks of it calculated from pounds! How come this is handled differently, are there settings to adjust? Where does MFE get the information how to convert the currencies, from the bank directly or by which date does it go, by the download date? I will try to go back a few months or years, hopefully it didn't change at some point and is really mixed within an account. Can you give me some hints?


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Re: Mixed currencies!

Postby Ager » 07 Jan 2017, 22:23

Did you figure this out Niki?

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