Metalogic Finance Explorer Crashes

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Metalogic Finance Explorer Crashes

Postby zwojtek » 27 Feb 2012, 06:44

Hi, i have problem with Finance Explorer.
I installed fresh Finance Explorer, and during normal activity (create new categories, budget, accounts etc) program crashes.

MessageBox is displayed informing (in Polish: Niedopasowanie typu. (-214735571)), translated to English is "Type mismatch".
I'dont see than anyone reported this issue. I suppose that is database/locale problem. My OS is XP Home Polish.

Please, give me some advices to repair it or to patch application.


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Re: Metalogic Finance Explorer Crashes

Postby Metalogic » 28 Feb 2012, 22:28

Hi Wojtek,
Sorry to hear you are having some issues. You are correct, this is not an issue that has been reported previously.

A few questions that will help me assist you:
* What version of Finance Explorer are you running?
* Do you have the latest Windows Service Pack installed (SP3)?
* Have you entered any data or do you get the error running for the first time?
* Could you provide step-by-step instructions (a link to a video would be ideal) of what leads to the error?

I'm sure we can get this resolved.

All the best,
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