Net worth

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Net worth

Postby gpco » 24 Feb 2011, 10:38

Hi, I really like your app. Simple and easy to use...exactly what I was looking for.

The one thing I wish worked differently, however, is the net worth calculation on the Home tab.

For me, the net worth calculated is the sum of every account balance I have defined (asset balances plus liability balances). In order to get a valid number in that field, I have to enter all of my credit card account balances as negative numbers, as well as all of my loan account balances as negative numbers.

It seems to me that the net worth should be calculated as:

Is there any way I can use positive numbers in those two liability categories and have the net worth calculation subtract them?


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Re: Net worth

Postby Metalogic » 24 Feb 2011, 14:12

Hi gpco,
Glad you are enjoying the app.

I will evaluate your request for inclusion in a future version.

All the best,
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